People and Relationships
People and Relationships

Why so much focus on people & relationships, when we talk about self? Are people really important? Are relationships really worth? The answer is – Yes. People are important because we are not living on a beach where there is no one, we are living among people. We have people all around us. We are one in many. We share air, water, sun light, moon light, weather, roads, so many resources with people. Without people there was no job, no food, no resturant, no business. It is in our interest that we learn to live with people happily.

Relationships are very important. A bad relationship or a broken relationship can prove to be disaster. Relationships bring belongingness, they bring togetherness. With relationships we feel secure. As humans, the realationships  we carry with other people are deciding factors  of  our mental and emotional wellbeing, and to a great extent, our survival.

It is important to have good relationships at work, with parents, with spouse, with our children, our neighbours and the list is long. Other then people we need to have good relationships with our health, our money, our wealth, our house and our car too. Wherever and whenever our relationship goes bad with someone or something, we suffer in that area of life.

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