Be a Love Guru

Interested in being a Love Guru?

There is no fee, there is no commitment, there is no promise. It has to happen within you.

Question you have to ask yourself and let us know

1. Can I forgive all ?


2. Am I ready to love people, plants, animals, all forms of life with malice towards none.


3. Am I am ready to love people of all nationaliets irrespective of their caste, creed, religion and their associations.


4. Am I ready not to be judgmental towards others leave that to law of the land and GOD


5. Am I ready to make others life better and put efforts towards the same


If you are ready for this, send it to us with your name, email id and location (state and country)

Please note that the effort is to spread love and there is no binding, no commitment of any kind ( social, ethical or legal)

Love is to bring you closer to the creation and God. There is no attempt to teach or take people away from their own faith, religion and God.

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